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Major league soccer ergebnisse


major league soccer ergebnisse

Aktueller Spielplan zur Major League Soccer Saison / - Alle Spiele und Ergebnisse im Überblick. Hier zum Major League Soccer-Spielplan Saison. Spieltag, - Major League Soccer - Spielplan der Saison Spielpaarungen / Ergebnisse / TV-Programm / Live-Streams. Live; Verzögert * MLS Cup: Eastern Championship Leg 1 . (4 weeks ago).

Attempts to reach a total of 1, were set back by the influenza epidemic of , but that figure was reached in , a date that now is celebrated as a national holiday.

However, the population was severely reduced by starvation, disease, and bombing during World War II. In , of the 1, Nauruans deported to Truk by the Japanese, died, leaving to return on 31 January The population reached 1, again in and has continued to grow.

The nation continues to espouse a positive population policy. A very small proportion of Nauruans live overseas, but many visit Australia, New Zealand, and other countries for purposes of work or education or to visit family, and return home.

Nauruan is classified as a Micronesian language but does not fit easily within subgroupings of Austronesian languages. It shares some words with Kiribati but is recognized as standing alone.

Nauruans are writing their own dictionary. All Nauruans speak English as well as their own language. The frigate bird is a major symbol; it is found on the fin of Air Nauru planes and appears as the official logo.

The crest consists of two palm trees encircling an orb that includes a Christian cross above a resting frigate bird and a flower. Above the orb is a twelve-pointed star representing the twelve tribes of Nauru.

Emergence of the Nation. In , Nauru took over the management of its people and affairs when independence was granted by the trusteeship committee of the United Nations.

Those two assertions of social and economic self-reliance released Nauruans from the dominance of outsiders who had exploited the phosphate and the people for seventy years.

Mining for phosphate, which dominated Nauruan history in the twentieth century, began when the Pacific Phosphate Company based in Sydney found high-grade phosphate in This mineral was used to fertilize pasture in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to running the mine, Australia became the administering authority under a League of Nations mandate after World War I.

Thus, the lives of Nauruans became inextricably tied to Australia and BPC until they achieved independence in The mine was run using laborers from China and the Pacific islands, particularly Kiribati and Tuvalu.

Nauruans chose not to work in the mine other than to hold administrative positions in the s and s. Today most of the administrators are Nauruan, and labor is brought in on contract from the Philippines and India as well as from Kiribati and Tuvalu.

World War II left a major mark on the history of Nauru. In , the Japanese invaded, bringing some seven thousand men and military installations and building three runways.

Two-thirds of the population was deported to Truk, an atoll to the north, where one-third died of starvation and disease. Those left on Nauru suffered severe privation, including starvation and bombing by the Americans for two years.

When Australian forces reclaimed Nauru at the end of the war, the island was a mass of military litter, almost totally lacking in food supplies.

In the s, the island had been a playground for whalers and beachcombers who left behind many English-sounding surnames, as well as guns and gin that added to the damage caused by mining.

Nauruans want to rehabilitate the island so that they can use the interior four-fifths that has been mined out. National identity as Nauruan remains very strong.

It can be claimed only by those born of a Nauruan mother. Failure to register a child as Nauruan eliminates that person from the entitlements of being Nauruan, particularly access to land rights, and to shares in phosphate revenue.

A child of a Nauruan father, but whose mother is of another nationality must seek special permission to be registered as Naruan. Ethnic relations between Naruans and other groups brought into the small island, such as Chinese, Filipinos, Kiribati, Tuvalu, and Fijians are marked by clear distinctions—the latter are grouped as Pacific Islanders.

Each group is known for its particular place in the phosphate industry, and for the lifestyle adopted in Nauru. For example, the Kiribati men have brought their small canoes, from which they fish to sell to nauruans.

All other groups work for Nauruans in one way or the other. Nauru lacks an urban space. Eighty-five percent of the population lives on the narrow coastal strip, with the rest living around the Buada lagoon.

All nine thousand inhabitants are crowded alongside the phosphate-processing facilities and the port, mainly in the southwest corner of the island.

The airport runway takes up much valuable flat land. Virtually no land is used for agriculture. Until Top-side is rehabilitated, the expanding population will become increasingly crowded on the coastal strip.

Before mining commenced, the people of Nauru used the interior of the island as a means of crossing from one coast to the other and as a source of food and recreation.

The government intends to return Nauru to its status as Pleasant Island with vegetation and places for recreation. Food in Daily Life.

Almost all food is imported, with the exception of fish caught by Kiribati fishermen. Nauru provided pandanus and fish in premining times, and these were eaten with coconut meat.

In times of drought, food shortages could last for two or more years. As a result of mining revenues, the people have a variety of supermarket foods, from turkey to milk.

Rice is the basic staple, and fish with rice is the ideal meal. This diet is said to contribute to a high rate of obesity, which often is a precursor to diabetes.

Phosphate revenues are the mainstay of the economy, together with investments made with revenues earned from earlier mining activities.

Nauru is an expensive place to live, as almost all necessities have to be imported, although water is now obtained from a desalinization plant.

Until the mids, Nauruans had a strong welfare economy in which housing, education, and health were provided and government scholarships were available for tertiary education overseas.

Major cutbacks in social welfare provisions have forced people to buy the materials for their houses and rely more on their personal incomes.

Nauru Trust Funds are another potential source of income for all citizens who are recognized landowners and members of Nauruan matrilineage. Five funds were set up between and , but payments have not been forthcoming as the trustees and the government struggle to assess the amount of revenue in the funds.

The Nauruan people will have to live off the proceeds of mining, which is almost finished. The government is looking for economic alternatives. Nauruans pride themselves on being a democratic society and denounce the two classes that formerly marked their society.

The temonibe and amenengame classes consisted of the senior matrilineage as opposed to those in the junior matrilineages.

These two classes were distinguished from the itsio, or slave class, which included those who arrived on Nauru from outside and had no land holdings.

Heads of lineages were drawn from the temonibe class. A chiefly system instituted in was replaced in by the Nauru Local Government Council which consists of elected members.

Symbols of Social Stratification. Symbols of stratification are more latent than overt. Elites with large off-shore bank accounts are known by reputation, as it is not acceptable to flaunt wealth on the island.

Trucks or motorbikes and large houses are the extent of manifestations of wealth. As the chair of the forum in , Nauru presented a strong case for sustainable development in the small Pacific island states.

Those leaders pressured the BPC and the Australian administration to grant greater shares of the phosphate returns to the Nauruan people and provide better living conditions.

Administrative costs were taken out of phosphate profits rather than paid for by Australia as the administering authority under the League of Nations mandate.

In , the Australian administration instituted a system of chiefs for the twelve districts. In , Nauruans chose to replace that structure by a more democratic elected body, the Nauru Local Government Council NLGC , with elected councillors representing the districts.

The NLGC was disbanded in Great Britain helps fund rehabilitation for mining-damaged land. Nauru maintains diplomatic relations with several countries.

There is no military force. Social Problems and Control. Drunk driving, particularly by young Nauruan men is a serious problem and the leading cause of death on the island.

Families exercise social controls, though there is a police force for major social violations. Concerns about pay-outs from the Trust Funds led to a sit-in across the airport runway in at the time the Pacific Forum leaders were arriving.

There is no jail as such on the island. Serious criminal offenders may be incarcerated in an Australian jail by arrangement.

Nauruans grew up under a broad welfare system in which all their welfare needs were met. Those funds came from the Australian administering authority out of a special Nauru Trust Fund whose money came from phosphate profits.

Housing, education, health care, and the public service were all paid for under this administrative account. That system was terminated in , and older Nauruans are finding it hard to live under the new regime, especially those whose lands were mined early.

Nauruans have been asking the government for money from the trust funds, and this has caused political antagonism. Nongovernmental organizations are active mainly within church and youth activities.

Both the Congregational and Catholic church have church committees amongst others that work with the Social Welfare department. Division of Labor by Gender.

A division of labor by gender is not easily defined. The matrilineal social system gives women a lot of power, so they lead behind the scenes, while men take the political roles in government.

Civil Service consists of mostly male heads with women seeking these jobs in the past 20 years. Two of the diplomats in overseas postings have been women.

Most of the primary school teachers are women, while men are active in phosphate management. The term "division of labor" is no longer appropriate.

Workers at a phosphate mine in Nauru. Phosphate revenues are the mainstay of the economy, however, the interior four-fifths of the island has been mined out.

Nauruans maintain social ties through the mother matrilineal ties. Mothers are the anchor persons of kin groups and residential groups, and ties between sisters and brothers are strong.

Women are the main care givers within and between households, but they have entered the workforce in considerable numbers in the last fifteen years.

Men predominate in political affairs and all senior government positions. Only two women have shared political office at any one time.

Women are active in the National Council of Women and in church committees. All Nauruans belong to a matrilineal group or clan.

Each birth and death is publically identified by clan affiliation in a public document. That affiliation lasts the lifetime of the individual and is not altered by marriage.

A marriage partner must be selected Islanders with a tame frigate bird for catching fish. Almost all food is imported, with the exception of fish.

Households center on the mother, who takes care of and then is cared for by her children. The nominal head of the household is the male, but the decision-making head is the mother, who is largely responsible for economic management as well as social care.

Land and other properties are inherited by both sons and daughters, but only daughters can pass on their rights to their children without seeking extended family consent.

Modern properties such as motor-bikes are passed on within extended families. All Nauruans belong to a district. District affiliation includes responsibility for participating in district activities.

Bayern Munich, however, lost the final on penalties. Bayern lost the match 2—0. He had scored from the penalty spot against Bayer Leverkusen [] and Augsburg.

He scored two goals against Wolfsburg in the second round of the DFB-Pokal , [] and in Champions League, two goals against Olympiacos , [] two goals against Arsenal , [] and a goal in the return leg against Olympiacos.

His first goal of the match was his th for the club in all competitions. The match ended in a 2—1 win for Bayern but the team was knocked out on the away goals rule.

He finished the season by scoring 20 goals in 31 league matches, four goals in five German Cup matches, and eight goals in 12 Champions League matches.

He was back in the senior squad for its next get-together, a training session in Sindelfingen in January , [] and was named in the squad for the following match, a friendly against Argentina in March.

He was substituted in the 66th minute for fellow debutant Toni Kroos as Germany lost 1—0. He earned the Golden Boot with these goals and his three assists.

As he came through the youth system , he was seen primarily as a midfielder , [15] but since breaking into the first-team he has been used in more forward roles.

He can play in any of the attacking midfield roles but usually plays in the centre for Bayern, [] and on the right for Germany.

Traumdeuter , "dream interpreter". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Thomas Muller. List of Players" PDF. Retrieved 8 December Retrieved 17 August Retrieved 18 October Retrieved 20 August Retrieved 28 January Retrieved 21 February Archived from the original on 19 March Retrieved 23 June Retrieved 31 January Titel ans Kap" [A small consolation: Retrieved 7 September Retrieved 11 February Retrieved 24 June Retrieved 4 May Retrieved 8 May Retrieved 15 May Retrieved 1 June Retrieved 16 July Retrieved 24 August Retrieved 7 August Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 1 November Spieltag — Spielanalyse" [1.

Retrieved 1 January Retrieved 19 December Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 18 May Bayern are knocked out]. Retrieved 28 August Retrieved 4 January Retrieved 16 January Retrieved 17 February Retrieved 31 March Retrieved 9 June Archived from the original on 7 June Retrieved 2 April Muller brace seals comfortable win as Messi and Co face uphill task to make Wembley final".

Retrieved 24 April Retrieved 7 June Gomez at the double as Bavarians survive Schwaben fightback to complete treble". Retrieved 25 November Retrieved 17 May Philipp Lahm and Thomas Muller sign new deals".

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Nauru is a Christian country so a prayer opens most gatherings. Children are expected to honor and respect their elders. Mothers are particularly honored.

Dress is usually European. Many elements of Australian etiquette are followed as public practice. Christianity arrived in the s, introduced by both a Catholic missionary and a Congregational minister.

Those two religions dominate today. The Catholic Church provides a secondary school, while the Congregational Church, which is the national church, has a major church in the center of the downtown area and smaller churches in the districts.

Timothy Detudamo translated the Bible into Nauruan in the s. Before Christian beliefs arrived and mining destroyed Topside, Nauruans believed in the primordial establishment of the island by two spirits that came from Kiribati and were manifest in two rocks, one on either side of Topside.

Those rocks have disappeared, along with many of the other useful aspects of Topside. Buada lagoon is another site of spiritual strength for some Nauruans.

Government concerns about health have led to programs of intervention, including encouraging more sports and physical activity by young people.

Attempts are being made to reduce the high rate of road accidents, particularly among male motor-cyclists. High alcohol use also is being addressed by educational programs.

Two hospital exist on the island. One is run by the government for Naurans and a separate facility is run by the Nauru Phosphate Corporation for its contract workers.

Nauruans have revived their interest in their history. The Department of Education is producing a history from a Nauruan perspective as well as a Nauruan dictionary.

Throughout the twentieth century, poems were written to commemorate special events. Those poems recorded not just historical events but also the culture of Nauru.

The project to rehabilitate the interior Topside has generated considerable interest in the plants and animals of the island. It encouraged a number of young people to share their interest in and knowledge about plants as well as understanding of the social dynamics of the island.

The Richest Island in the South Seas. Ergebnisse der Sudsee Expedition, —, A Nauru Case Study. Nauru, Phosphate and Political Progress , Environmental Damage under International Trusteeship, Culture Name Nauruan is the indigenous name used on official documents.

Alternative Names Pleasant Islander. History and Ethnic Relations Emergence of the Nation. Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space Nauru lacks an urban space.

Food and Economy Food in Daily Life. Social Stratification Classes and Castes. Social Welfare and Change Programs Nauruans grew up under a broad welfare system in which all their welfare needs were met.

Nongovernmental Organizations and Other Associations Nongovernmental organizations are active mainly within church and youth activities.

Marriage, Family, and Kinship All Nauruans belong to a matrilineal group or clan. Etiquette Nauru is a Christian country so a prayer opens most gatherings.

Medicine and Health Care Government concerns about health have led to programs of intervention, including encouraging more sports and physical activity by young people.

The Arts and Humanities Nauruans have revived their interest in their history. The State of the Physical and Social Sciences The project to rehabilitate the interior Topside has generated considerable interest in the plants and animals of the island.

Bibliography Dobson Rhone, R. Ocean Island and Nauru, Social Impact of Mining on Nauruans, in press. Also read article about Nauru from Wikipedia.

Hello, I was trying to trace my family tree and my last name, and I was directed to Buada Lagoon. Is there any way I can trace my ancestors as Naruan?

I spent 6 years of my childhood on Nauru Island in the mid- and late 70s, where my father was working at the time. I attended the Nauru Primary School all I can remember is it is next to a cemetery.

I am a Samoan girl, through reading about your culture details Its a well and firm culture values and aspects. Hello, I am doing a class project on Nauru and I found this website very helpful, thank you so much for making this assignment a little easier.

This article told me alot on Nauru. It is a highly commendable and most carefully-written article. Before reading this article I read some pages on Nauru but it seems that this one is the summary of the others.

I am in dire need of getting e-mails of some Nauruans. Whoever Nauruan reads my comment can cotact me by this email;hussenmuhamed yahoo.

Hi my name is Clorinda and i am eighteen year old, I am still in school also i am senior. My school name is Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind.

Um i need know about kirbati island and how they set up marriage? Im a nauruan born and bred i think this was accurate- however christianity is our national religion and does not specify a denomination.

I am catholic and we make up almost half of the population. I dont think we have a "national" church Hello, Me ans my friend james have been learning about nauru.

Where Australian and we have found how much we have comman. We just cant find what do you do for your daily life. Thanks and hope u can tell us bye: Hello, I am Tom, 20 years and I am from Czech republic.

Do you know this country?: It is in the middle Europe. I love Nauru for many years and I want to write with somebody from Nauru.

Thanks for this website-it is great: Here are very important informations. So bye and I hope that somebody want to write with me: I am from NZ.

My family werent one of them that got greedy and destroyed your lovely island. Nauru back then was fantastic!

Good times as a teenager growing up I can tell you. Free outdoor movies, 10cent bus trips, and sat matinees at the civic. Loved going to china town, and the infamous Star Twinkles restaurant.

Ahh yes, good times, thank you Nauru. That is how I want to remember it. Cant believe its the same place! I often wonder if my old home is still standing.

We lived right next door to government house. Well the back door of it lol. Loved to hear from anyone who shares the same interest.

Hello, I am a Vietnamese guy. I wish to visit Nauru and other islands in Pacific osean. I wish I can spend some time in Nauru sociaty for fews years.

Hello, My mother is of Nauruan heritage so it was great to read this page - very accurate. Nauru is a small country with an even smaller population so it is great that people around the world can learn about the island.

Feel free to e-mail if you have any questions! This article really help me with my school report My grandma is nauruan but my grandad is german,i was born and raise at homeland nauru i remember my childhood days where i wish we wud migrate to Germany but as an adult now i keep telling myself everyday how lucky i was to be a Nauruan.

I am now working for the local media this article has says most about the island. Indeed, this article is interesting. A big thanks to the person who wrote this.

I hope in future that the people of Nauru will be able to restore most of what we lost back in old days. I never knew my culture that much because I was often out of the country.

I would love to see people digging into our roots instead of phosphate. This site was heaps of help for me. This website had more than enough information for me, so I am sure to get a really good grade for my project.

To be honest, I never knew Nauru existed before my project, and now, I know just about everything there is to know! Thank you guys so much!

Hi to everyone from Nauru i visit Nauru My family lived on Nauru We live at N. My Mother Lin Frankling was a kindergarten teacher at Location.

As a "small boy" i had very good memories living on Nauru. Nauru Album I hope that you enjoy!! This website hepls me alot to find more information about my culture That the common name that we use it in our country..

But i think that Nauru is a different country.. BUt i know that it is part of Kiribati.. My father was Australian. I married an Australian.

My mother Eipum and sister Eilani now live in Australia. Loved the memories of the Bula Bar owned by my Uncle Deigoub and Aunty Ta, and going around the island in the landrover, plus flying with Air Nauru back in the good old days.

My sister still flies with the airline, now known as Our Airline. Love the information in the article. Hi Bruce I was on Nauru in and knew your father well.

Ray 23 you ask how Nauru got water before the desalination plant was built. It used to be brought to Nauru in the hull of phosphate ships.

The water was pumped out before being loaded with phosphate for the return journey to Australia. A sample of the water was always tested by the pharmacist at the NPC Hospital to ensure it was safe to drink.

I have an album of 70 odd photos in Flickr. If you did a Flickr search on say "Nauru " you should be able to find the album. Very informative article on Nauru.

How do I reference this since the author has not provided full information on his or herself? Good day, i am a Filipino, my ancestors were Portuguese but i never been have any chance to go out abroad i love to care something work that is related in admissions both in local and religion activities.

Last day i got to know an old man came here just to avail a hotel room preferably they were a medical city hospital patients i heard the old man was a diabetic, we shared once thoughts and views i love to go in Nauru.

As if i go in Nauru, i would share my skills in bags industry i will teach the people with courage those who is willing to be train i love it the same way Hello every one,my interest in Nauru is her population and land mass.

Being from a very populous country Nigeria I was amazed to find that there is a country like Nauru. Am sure there will have less problems and have a closely knit society.

May the blessings be. There are some notes that need to be rectified. Nauruan is NOT the indigenous name used on official documents.

Naoero or Anaoero is the indigenous name of Nauru. Naoero is the name on the Coat of Arms of Nauru and is used on all official documents.

A child born of Nauruan parents whether it be their mother or father may obtain Nauruan citizenship. It is not only if your mother is a Nauruan.

Another means of obtaining citizenship is by marriage. A woman married to a Nauruan man may apply immediately in the case of a man married to a Nauruan woman would have to apply after 10 years of marriage.

The article references that only I-Kiribati fisherman provide a source of fresh fish. It is not only the I-Kiribati fisherman who do so but also local Nauruan fisherman who provide fish to the community.

Driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor has been identified by the article as the leading cause of death. Although a prevalent issue, this is not particularly accurate as medical issues associated with high rates of diabetes, cancer and other forms of illness have resulted in far more deaths.

Nauru does have a Corrections Facility and a Juvenile Centre for individuals incarcerated. In terms of land rights, both fathers and mothers may pass their land rights to their children.

In terms of illegitimacy, under the law children may inherit from their mothers. The law does not make the same provision for fathers.

The non existence of the law does not mean that children are not entitled to their fathers land rights. It is great to see the interest on our small island.

I am pleased to find this site and to read both article and comments with great interest. Especially the comments from Nauruans that revise the article.

I so need to talk to a Nauruan who is able to give me a valid perspective on a creation myth that my brief research tells me is from Nauru.

It is about Ancient Spider creating the world from a clam shell. I am in New Zealand, and am coming to the end of a 5 week storytelling course.

I would like to perform this myth as a graduation piece next week. I have been asking people on the street, do you know anyone from Nauru?

Is someone willing to help me? Help me if you can! Hi Wanna W I read your article posted on 13 April with great interest because I was in Nauru during the period you mentioned.

The school got a Chinese section running a 6-year primary education program in Cantonese. Hope this would refresh your memories.

I am from Kiribati. I was in Nauru when I was very young. My father was working at NPC at that time. I spent most of my life on the island.

I have some relatives that are part Nauru and Kiribati. I enjoy and loved the life on Nauru. To All friends of the country Nauru, thanks for this incredible article on the culture of Nauru I plan to use this information for my Model United Nations class in school.

I Will report back when I have gotten my grade for the assignment. Thanks, Your Pal AyAyron. Thank you for the many comments.

I particularly welcome those who give us more information either as Nauruans or as residents who recall their time on Nauru. There is so little known about this very important island.

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My family lived on Nauru Dress is usually European. Germany omit Andreas Web tv from squad". A sample of the water was always tested by the pharmacist at the NPC Hospital to ensure la liga sieger was safe to drink. Retrieved 24 April parship mitglieder Retrieved 20 September In times of drought, food shortages could last for two or more years. I neue insel and loved the life on Nauru. Those rocks have disappeared, along with many of the other useful aspects of Topside. Retrieved 20 June Sie gewann die im Jahr zum ersten Mal ausgetragene Weltmeisterschaft und wurde erneut Meister. A primary school is tennisturniere deutschland in each village; from there europameisterschaft island progress to government high school fun & play casino celle the Catholic high school. Pauli, Bundesliga season —11].

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